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My First Experience with the Scatt Trainer

Scatt Shooter Training System mounted to Colt Commander

While visiting Camp Perry this week, I ran across a setup that I had only seen on the internet. The Scatt Shooter Training System. A guy had it setup outside one of the buildings on vendor’s row. To my recollection, this setup is usually used by Olympic level shooters to not only record their shot, the entire sight-picture process, and also the trigger-pull movement and subsequent lock-time.

It’s really an interesting process. Looking at the photos, the squiggly green line is your sight alignment before breaking the shot. The rest pretty much is the sight getting on target or after pulling the trigger.

Not wanting you pass up a chance to try it out, I jumped in and made it happen. Looking at the sales guy I said, “I don’t shoot olympic style so I’ll use two hands”.

You can see my shot broke the X-ring line. I’ll take it.

He then said, “It’s sighted in as a 6 o’clock hold”.

My friend decided to give it a try…

Crap! I hate that setup. But whatever. So I press out and get on target. And just before I break the shot, I hear the salesman mumble, “Oh. You’re good”.

From the photo, you can see the green where my sight was on the X ring. And click. I cut the x-ring. Not bad for a first shot with a factory Colt Commander!

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