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New BATFE Approved Barrel On Thompson Semi-Auto Carbine

A Shorter Barreled Tommy Gun from Kahr

For more than 100 years, the “Chicago Typewriter” has been a favorite among collectors and shooting enthusiasts. Now, Kahr Firearms Group has given the semi-auto version a more authentic look with the introduction of its new barrel design on the Thompson T1-14 carbine. The barrel length is just 16 1/2 inches, 1 1/2 inches shorter than the existing T1 models with the 18-inch barrels.

The BATFE recently approved a permanently affixed Cutts compensator as a part of the barrel. In compliance with that approval, the .45 ACP caliber T1-14 has a permanently affixed Cutts compensator that lengthens the finned barrel length to the minimum 16 1/2 inches. Overall length for the carbine is 39 inches from buttstock to muzzle. This model also features a blade front and adjustable open rear sight and weighs 12 1/2 pounds. The fixed stock is crafted in luxurious polished American walnut and has a vertical foregrip. MSRP is $1,461.

Another addition to the shorter barrel 1927A-1 collection is the T1B-14, which specs the same as the T1-14, but instead of a walnut fixed stock, it comes with a detachable buttstock with vertical foregrip. Both models are available in .45 ACP and ship with one 20-round stick magazine. The MSRP on the T1B-14 is $1,910.

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