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American Eagle Syntech

One of the more interesting loads at SHOT was shown by Federal Premium. Their new American Eagle Syntech range ammunition “promises to redefine the target-shooting experience” by using an all-new polymer-encapsulated Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) bullet.

There have been all kinds of jacket materials used since guns were invented including linen patches for muzzleloader roundballs, paper patches, wound wire, steel, brass and copper. All of these materials are meant to keep the lead from contacting the bore where lead fouling can accumulate and degrade accuracy.

Combined with specialized clean-burning propellant, Syntech reportedly keeps a gun cleaner, longer, so you can shoot more—and shoot better. The exclusive Catalyst lead-free primer is claimed to provide the most reliable, consistent ignition possible. American Eagle Syntech is available in 9mm Luger 115-grain, .40 S&W 165-grain and .45 Auto 230-grain.

Also debuting was HST Personal Defense, which is an expansion of the Premium Personal Defense HST line. Last year the 380 Auto Micro HST promised optimized bullets and powders for the most efficient cycling and accuracy from subcompact .380 pistols. For 2016, the line has expanded to include a 150-grain 9mm Luger load.

Lastly in handgun ammunition, Federal is offering ballistically matched training and defense loads in one convenient, affordable package with Practice & Defend Combo Packs. With these packs, you can practice with the less expensive but ballistically matched target load, then carry the defensive load with confidence that they will shoot to the same point of impact. New for 2016, the company combines HST loads with American Eagle training rounds in .380 Auto 99-grain HST/95-grain FMJ, 9mm Luger 124 grain HST/FMJ, .40 S&W 180 grain HST/FMJ and .45 Auto 230 grain HST/FMJ.

For rifle shooters, Federal Power-Shok Copper uses a copper-alloy bullet for hunters in those parts of the country where you can no longer hunt with lead bullets or who like the deep penetration that copper alloy bullets provide. These loads offer the same consistency as the brand’s traditional lead-core bullet at an affordable price and feature an accurate hollow-point bullet that creates large wound channels. Look for Power-Shok Copper in .243 Win. 90-grain, .270 Win. 130-grain, .308 Win. 150-grain and. 30-’06 Spring. 150-grain.

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