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Pistol Rugs
C96 - Red 9 Pistol Rug.

Pulling pistols out of the armory to use on the range has revealed a small logistical issue. Where to put the weapons during transport?

Traditionally I have stuffed the guns into existing range bags and pockets willy-nilly. Over time that has caused some problems. Primarily maintaining positive control over the items and putting them back into the armory in a timely manner. 

Pistol Rugs
Cobray Pistol rug.

So now we have a new policy. A reference guns will be stuffed into designated transport bags. These bags are easy to see, protect the pistols directly, and are a good system to ensure various accessories are kept together. 

Looking for X gun? It’s in a pistol rug.

Done with X gun? Put it in the pistol rug. 

Has X gun been returned to the armory? Where is pistol rug?

Pistol Rugs
New large pistol rugs

Over time, I might even spray paint these rugs white or orange to make them even more obvious to the human eye. But that gets me too adjacent to my other industry pet peeve: Everything being any color you want as long as it’s black. 

Pistol Rugs
C96 – Red 9 Pistol Rug.

I am so sick of black guns, I can hardly stand it. But I’ll leave that for another post. 






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