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New Range Vehicle – Polaris General 1000

Polaris General 1000 - Rifle Range Vehicle

Quick update. We need some dedicated range vehicles. After some debate between a Kubota and a Polaris Ranger, it was decided to cut that baby in half and get a Polaris Ranger 1000. 

Personally I thought a Kubota was the most practical option. But we are also allowing staff the ability to run the range on recreational vehicles. We had to cut the trails in anyway to get access to the most remote parts of the property. So…why not let some of them have a little fun?

It fits in the company trailer!

So…what do we have here. 1-2-4 wheel drive selectable. Dump bed with 600lb capacity. Regular gas. More torque than the Ranger (I am told anyway. I think). But it has a top speed of 75MPH!


Personally do I think we need that kind of speed? No. But I’m not a UTV guy. But I will admit after riding in it for a few hours, it’s way more comfortable than the Ranger. And..with the super soft suspension I can really cover some distance to admin even the farthest targets. Sure it can be done a Kubota. But not like this. 

Polaris General 1000 – Rifle Range Vehicle

And a point was made I couldn’t really disagree with. If we want / need a tractor for the new range? Let’s just buy an actual tractor. Sure. We could use the UTV in that role. But we have a to of trails and target areas. A LOT. That work is probably best done by a real tractor. 






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