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New Website Tour

New John1911.com Website Tour.
New John1911.com Website Tour.

We have a new website. It’s been a major lift. This explains why new posts were off for a week.

The new design is broken up into better categories for reader interests: 

  • John1911 TV – Videos
  • Military Surplus
  • Workbench
  • Shooting
  • 1911 Pistols
  • Blaser Rifles
  • Hunting
  • Podcast
  • Industry News
  • Interesting Stories Around The Web


This does three things. One, we still present latest posts at the top of the website for regular viewers. Two, category breakdowns allows people with particular interests to deep dive into those areas easily. Three, the website will now surface older category content so it doesn’t get permanently lost in our high volume content cycle. 

Thank you for your patience and time. 






“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”