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Nighthawk Custom Teams up with Korth Revolver

Korth Mongoose Revolver by Nighthawk

OK. I will be the first to admit I am not quite sure what we are looking at here. Is Nighthawk licensing the manufacture of Korth Revolvers or are they the importer? Time will tell. But here is what I know and what I see in the pictures.

I know Korth, GmbH has had major issues getting their handguns to sell in the US. From what I understand, it’s a combination off incompetent importers, arrogant Korth owners, and stupid prices. But more on that in a minute.

Many US gun buyers have never heard of Korth and don’t appreciate the initial goals of it’s founder, Willie Korth. As I understand it, Willie set out to make a revolver that was supremely accurate and durable. The mission was to make a magnum revolver that would hold it’s accuracy and timing for some crazy round count. 20,000 or was it 50,000 rounds?

The standard Korth revolver. Notice the cylinder release by the hammer.
The standard Korth revolver. Notice the cylinder release by the hammer.

Either way, just think about that for a minute. That’s 50,000 “magnum” rounds. It’s quite the feat.

Now for what I see: Looking at the pictures on Nighthawk’s website, it appears at least the cylinder latch is different. Maybe it’s cosmetic? Or perhaps it’s a redesign? Dunno. We’ll see as more information comes out. I also see that Nighthawk has made a reference to using Walther made barrels. So at least we know that some parts are imported.

Traditional Korth Damascus Revolver.
Traditional Korth Damascus Revolver.

Now for what I suspect: The current Korth collectors will balk and bitch about any changes. Or even worse, if these are domestically made by Nighthawk, they will reject them out of hand as not being “real” Korth guns. Why? Because to paraphrase former Speaker of the House John Boehner, “I have never meet a more miserable son-of-a-bitch than a Korth collector. Lucifer incarnate”. No. I am not even remotely kidding. So I encourage anyone who is interested in one of these Korth guns to be wary if the aficionados run them down. They don’t know any more than you or me at this point. Time will tell.

Korth Sky Marhall 9mm Snubby reläsed at SHOT this past year. Notice the NH like cylinder release.
Korth Sky Marshal 9mm Snubby reläsed at SHOT this past year. Notice the NH like cylinder release. It was reported this gun had lots of problems functioning on Media Day.

And finally what I hope: I’m personally excited! Korth has been known for years as a revolver company that makes 357 caliber revolvers that will also fit a clip-less 9mm cylinder (no moon clips) for the same gun. However it’s $7000! But if Nighthawk is selling the same revolver, that is made to the same standards, holds together for 50,000 magnum rounds, and I can get in 357/9mm, 10mm/40, 45LC/45ACP for under $4000? That’s got my attention.

I am cautiously excited. Nighthawk really thought outside the box on this one.



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