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Oracle 2311 – Will It Run?

Oracle 2311 - Break-in.
Oracle 2311 - Break-in.

Well…the instructions say the break-in is 100 rounds. We shot 85. Gun runs well. Also notice it shoots flat at speed, but that could be more about the shooter then the gun.

I will kick the gun on the mag release button. Not sure if it sticks a little bit or perhaps it’s user error. But considering my shooting experience, it’s not like I don’t know how to use a mag button. Further investigation is in order. 

My second kick, and I mentioned this on the teardown: it is my opinion the thumb-safety plunger is too lite or weak for serious carry. It’s a simple fix that can be done multiple ways. But as the gun sits now, the thumb safety needs more positive resistance.

Some final thoughts. By serial number this is a very early gun. Also Oracle says the early 2311’s have 5-mags as a thank you to people who have been waiting. So that explains that. But…

Looking at the gun before I shot it, it seems obvious to me that it had been shoot before. Probably more than some customary 5-8 rounds. That begs the question: Are these guns tweaked or massaged before being sent out? 

If they are, this fine! 1911s kind of need that. But going forward, will Oracle be putting as much attention towards every SKU that comes off their production line? Or will they be kicked out the door like so many Glocks? 

Or put another way: Is this gun so early and new, it’s a preproduction sample? Time will tell. But right now, the gun runs great out of the box. For 85 rounds at least. 





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