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The Parker Brothers SxS action broken open.

About a year ago, I happened to come across a old Parker Brothers Shotgun. It was dirty and had years of crud on it, but was in pretty good shape. Now, I’m not an expert on Parker Bros. shotguns. And I know there is a huge following, with some examples going for big bucks. Let’s just say the price was right and I brought it home.

Parker Brothers Shotgun Right Side

I did a bit of research on the internet and traced the serial number to an 1876 manufacture date. The Twist barrels are in worn but great shape. And the action, although a bit loose, isn’t bad at all for the age.

Parker Brothers Shotgun Left Side.

The markings on the watershed indicate its a 12 gauge and have a barrel weight of 4 – 1. I couldn’t find any grade markings on it but some light research indicates that it’s a Grade 1 (I could be wrong on this). The older shotguns were not marked like the later models.

Parker Brothers Shotgun Side Plate

The butt plate is plastic and does have a crack in it and is pretty worn (see pic); as well as the checkering on the wood. This gun has seen a lot of use over the years.

Heavily worn and slightly damaged butt-plate / pad.

The patina is fantastic and other than some very light surface rust, does not show any pitting at all. The barrels are dark but not pitted. I feel this would be an excellent shooter if I could come across some light loads.

I don’t plan on shooting it but if the opportunity comes along, I may. I would also appreciate any feedback from any resident Parker Brothers Collector/Experts. This is an area that I’m not really up on and any additional info would be much appreciated.



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