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Pedersen Device 1903 Rifle

Pedersen Device 1903 Rifle

So today I ran across something at my favorite FFL that I have never, ever, ever seen before. A 1903 Springfield that has been specifically built, and cut, to accept a Pedersen Device. The US Army called this model of rifle the 1903 MKI. 

What is the Pedersen Device you ask? It was a top secret program by the US Army to convert Springfield bolt action rifles into semi-automatic repeaters. At least I think they were semi-automatic and not full auto. But I digress.

The super secret plan was to convert a bunch of these to repeaters in time for the 1919 Spring Offensive. The resulting firepower would mean US doughboys storming the German trenches with overwhelming firepower and rolling the Hun all the way back to Berlin. Or maybe just across the border? Not sure. 

Well…the war ended in 1918. And…to be Frank (see what I just did?), the Pedersen device was likely, probably, realistically a flaming turd. So…the US Army shut it all down sometime around 1937. 

All of the MK1 rifles had their custom Pedersen parts removed and converted into a standard 1903 bolt-gun configuration. 

So…here is a 1903 MK1. Are these too valuable and rare to use as a shooter? I suspect so. Which is why we passed. But…if a very unique piece of US WWI history is something that interests you, I put you in touch with the dealer with the link below. 

If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, click here:







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