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Peltor Hearing Protection.
The old ear protection with new inserts installed.

We had a SWAT team on our range recently. They were function testing, zeroing and qualifying the sniper section on a 50BMG rifle. 100-300 yards. 

Peltor Hearing Protection.
I honestly don’t even know what model these are known as. I suspect it’s long gone from Peltor’s catalog.

There was quite a bit of shooting when you consider most casual shooters of a 50 give it up after about 10 rounds. But what this session did do was separate the good from the also-rans in the hearing protection department. 

Just about every image or video you might have seen of me shooting included my original set of Peltor’s purchased sometime around 1997. Rain or shine. Summer or winter. Hunting or training. The Peltor’s have been my ride-or-die ear-pro for…gasp…24 years! 

Peltor Hearing Protection.
The original inserts. Frankly, I never really knew you could replace them. Or perhaps I just didn’t pay attention?

And they still work great! No issues soaking the multi-hours long blast from the 50. But some other folks were getting uncomfortable and the subject of ear-pro selection obviously came up. 

After discovering I has the same pair for…again…gasp…24 years… one of the officers asked if I had ever upgraded the pads? The answer being no, he pulled out a new set of pads from his vehicle and showed me how to install them. 

The result? Even…more better! So a special thank you to “The Chief” for the niece gift. It really means a lot you did that. 

Now…one wonders if I can get another 24 years out of these things? I suspect I will. 






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