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Inside of one of Freeze's Freezers. Now you know where his name comes from.

One really neat thing about Freeze is his inherent proclivity to “do it myself”. If he’s being modest, he’ll always justify it by saying, “I’m a cheap bastard”. And while he doesn’t like to waste money, that isn’t really the driving force behind that trait. I suspect it’s something deeper.

Freeze is actually a direct descendant of the original Mayflower settlers. Yes really! And while he would never make the connection himself, this “do it myself” attitude is something I see running through his entire family.

In my mind’s eye, I can just imagine “1620 Freeze” cutting up animals, fixing things on the farm and just generally getting sh!t done. It’s a trait I admire about him and can always count on. And in this case, I did.

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to go on a pig hunt in South Texas. 3 hunters in all. The first is Jewish and won’t eat the meat. The second is urbane and won’t eat the meat. And the 3rd is an aging gym-rat who eat’s protein like some breathe air (me).

Meat on the table in the grinder.
Meat on the table in the grinder.

When Freeze found out I would be the only hunter keeping ALL the pig meat he gave very specific instructions, “Take the company trailer and bring every pig to my house”. Already knowing the answer I inquired, “But what happens if we come back with 15 pigs?”

With a wry smile he turned and looked me in the eye: “Bring. It. All”. As I alluded to above, I already knew how this conversation would go and it is now understood as a standing order. If we go on a pig hunt, it doesn’t matter who’s pig it is. How many pigs it is. Take the trailer and be ready to scoop it all up.

How can you not love that?!

Oink. Oink.



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