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Pinning The 1911 Grip Safety?

Pinning The 1911 Grip Safety
Pinning The 1911 Grip Safety

It has come to my attention that some folks endorse pinning, or otherwise deactivating, 1911 grip safeties because Col. Jeff Cooper did so. Basically the logic goes, “If it’s good enough for Colonel Cooper, it’s good enough for me”.

OK. Sure. I am not going to tell you that Colonel Cooper was wrong. But what I will say is he attacked the problem the best way he knew how, reflecting the technology of the time, and the resources available to him. 

Holistically my answer is no. Do not disable 1911 grip safeties to solve grip safety problems. Instead…fix the problem. Either have the grip safety modified to a modern, 21st century, gunfighter standard. Or alternatively, buy a 1911 without one. 

My choice for such a gun is the Wilson X9 series. But there are other options for the consumer, with more and more coming online everyday. 






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