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Pistol Pit is Operational

Breaking in the new pistol pit.

It’s been a long summer. First it rained most of the season. Now it’s getting cold and dry. When I still need some rain for seeding to take hold. 

But no matter, the Pit is operational. I haven’t measured it completely from front to back, but diagonally it’s 50 yards.

That enables us to quickly hasty-zero tac rifles at 25 yards. And ransom rest pistols for real accuracy confirmation at 50. The true international standard. 

As you can see, the pit is functionally 270 degrees. Which enables a tac rifle shooter the ability to immediately engage targets from 0-400 yards from the same position. 

Yes, this pit is centerfire rifle rated. 

Those who listen to the podcast know what we have dollar wise in just this pit alone. But if you missed it, Here is a reality check: I could easily have purchased a stamped receiver, 9mm, transferable, machine gun for the same money. On just this pit. 

Even typing those words brings life to the insanity of this project. But the armory needs an upgraded range. 






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