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Plinking Around – Glock 17

Glock 17 - Plinking Around
Glock 17 - Plinking Around

You may not know this since we use 1911 in our name, but in reality, I am quite fond of the the full sized Glock service pistols. The 17, 45, 34, 35. I also don’t dislike the Glock 22 and think the Glock 20 is probably the best 10mm for serious large animal defense. 

But you will notice all of these are full framed pistols. Personally I dislike the Glock 19 due to my large-ish hand size and think the Glock 23 is practically unusable for sustained fire. Otherwise known as…you know…training. 

In the old days, the argument for the G19, and large hands, was to put a magwell on the pistol. But now, just skip that and buy the Glock 45. All them G19 dudes carry G17 round mags anyway.

Summation. The internet will tell you that the Glock 19 is the perfect Glock. And it may be. But you are an individual and so is your hand size. Don’t blindly follow the crowd on this. Buy a gun that fits YOUR hand, not everyone else’s. 







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