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Student in Ukraine getting AK rounds shot near them

This photo was part of a collection that was making the rounds through the US “tactical” community earlier this year. Most notably, there were images of and video showing AK’s being fired into the dirt right next to students’ prone’ed out bodies. It appears the group conducting this training is based in Ukraine.

You can see one of the most notorious of the images here.

Student gets's AK rounds in dirt by instructor.
Student gets’s AK rounds in dirt by instructor.

However, the most relevant and interesting photo was universally glossed over or outright ignored by the community. Take a look at the image of the students pointing handguns at each other.

Let me explain. The US “tactical” community are idiot-savants. Much like Rainman in the movies, they will take deep dives into the minutia and number theory that they themselves find interesting: Handgrip this, FBI stat that, typical rounds fired, engagement ranges, yadda, yadda, yadda. But also like Rainman, I question if they even have enough common sense to exit a burning house? Or will they burn up due to their retarded-ness?

Studnets in Ukraine actually pointing guns at each other.
Studnets in Ukraine actually pointing guns at each other.

Yes, I said retarded-ness. Don’t be so fragile and listen up.

What good is all the super-secret, SEAL Team 6, Ninja Death Touch, self-serving jack-off training if you don’t establish with 100% certainty that your students are mentally capable of actually pointing real guns at live human beings?

I’m telling you right now, this is an issue. I don’t have firm scientific stats, but there are people walking around with guns not mentally capable of pointing a weapon at another human being. Why? Because they have never done it! They simply will not be psychologically capable of doing it. Or perhaps something even worse…only planning or capable of pointing guns at another human being…for…a…committed…shot.

Holy shit.

No-one said you should bluff and point guns at people you aren’t, “prepared to destroy”. But using that as a excuse to never point a gun at somebody is a recipe for disaster. Logically do you really think it’s wise to automatically shoot everyone who earns a pistol to the face? Conversely, does it make logical sense to figure out this mental shortcoming when the stakes are life and death?

But Hey! The AK pic will drive the traffic to this post. Not the important one.

Like I said, Holy shit.


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