Police Snipers 2016 Republican National Convention

This summer, the city of Cleveland, Ohio hosted the 2016 Republican National Convention. Most of the major party players were in attendance, as were members of the national and international media. Followed closely behind by various opposition groups.

Bottom line: these kinds of events are a complete handful for the federal and state law enforcement groups. Combine these elements, with high profile VIPs; restricted areas and access; the war on terror; and stretch the event logistically over 5 days It’s a huge pain in everyone’s ass.

Police Sniper's Position. Note the range data graffiti .

Police Sniper’s Position. Note the range data graffiti .

Now…think about a single position of sniper coverage over that period of time. In some locations 24 hours a day. We’re talking about more than a single 8 hour shift and one officer. Consider multiple officers who need daily breaks, sleep, food, pre-breifs, bathroom runs, etc, etc. etc.

What good does it do the other snipers who cycle through your position if your range and dope data is in a book, next to your rifle, back at the hotel, while you try to grab 6 hours of z’s? Or what if a sniper who is slotted to work position X the entire event, suddenly gets asked to cover position Y because someone got heatstroke?

Police Sniper's Rifle: Blaser Tactical 2 in 308

Police Sniper’s Rifle: Blaser Tactical 2 in 308

Having some easily deciphered graffiti-dope might come in handy? Under stress? 5 minutes after you man a strange post. Without the luxury of 8 monotonous hours of fiddling with your laser range finder, ballistic app and MIL-reticle?

Police Sniper. 5 Long Days.

Police Sniper. 5 Long Days.

It’s ain’t Hollywood but Hollywood ain’t real. Interesting pictures none the less.



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