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POTD — Elephant Hit By Train

Elephant hit by Train. Ishapore 2a1 Rifle

This photo is from 2013 in NE India. News reports are the full grown Tusker was crossing some railroad tracks when it was stuck. Obviously. Since trains don’t go far when they veer off the tracks. Reports are the animal died instantly. Which I am glad to hear.

The photograph is interesting. Especially for a westerner who isn’t intimately familiar with the elephant. But what did catch my attention was the rifle the man is carrying.

From first looks, it’s easy to see a standard British issue Mark something-something Enfield. But if you know your guns, perhaps the magazine seems out of place?

Unlike the standard 303 caliber Enfield’s with their rimmed case and angled magazine, the Indians made some runs of Enfield’s in NATO 7.62 with a more squarish mag. These are not conversions, but purpose built rifles.

As such, if you ever see a “308 Enfield” look closely and see if it’s an Indian Ishapore 2A or 2A1. Both were built in the 1960’s and are of excellent quality. As such, they are safe to shoot with modern commercial ammunition

Is the man a game warden called to dispatch the animal? Or is it standard fair for authorities to walk around with 308 Enfield’s sling over their shoulders?

Here is a link to one we have in the armory.


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