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POTD – SIG 226 SAO Legion

SIG 226 SAO.
SIG 226 SAO Legion.

While walking through a Cabela’s Firearm Library I ran into a gun I have always been curious about. The SIG 226 SAO model. In this particular case, it was a 226 SAO Legion. 

Not really 100% sure what the Legion moniker is supposed to mean, but I have noticed they seem to be marketed as a level up from regular production SIGs. 

This single action SIG seemed very nice. I love the manual of arms since it mimics the 1911 almost perfectly. Already topped with a red dot and suppressor height sights. And even the grip panels were very grippy. Which I like! 

The only negative would be the absence of a magwell, but on a double stack gun, that generally is not an an issue. Wish I could have tried the trigger, but you know: Cabela’s and their locks. 

Summation. Very positive. Will keep an eye out to place one in our pile. 






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