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POTD – SIG 551-A1

POTD - SIGUSA’s 551-A1 rifle.
POTD - SIGUSA’s 551-A1 rifle.

For those who guessed the magazine shown a few days ago was for a SIG 550 series of rifle, you guessed correctly! But there is a twist. 

JDI / SAN has been bringing in real-deal-Swiss-cheese guns for a few years now. This is NOT one of those and sorry to disappoint. The rifle shown here is a US made, SIGUSA 551-A1. 

We have literally had this rifle, with a pile of magazines, matching bayonet, aftermarket safety-selector for close to a decade. Unfired. As in still had the tags on it. 

Swiss Service Rifle
First shots with the SIG 551-A1. See some brass kisses behind the ejection port? Happens. 😂

Our regulars and longtime readers know we are not gear reviewers. This site merely exists to document what is going in in our armory and around our ranges. And on this day, we decided to fire the 551.

So first impressions? Firstly, it ran 100%. Not a bobble or break-in round to speak of. Secondly, the recoil impulse is much cleaner than on AR’s. I’m not going to say less, just cleaner. I attribute this to the rifle’s inherent pork, and a lack of buffer spring singing in the shooter’s ear. 

Very enjoyable so far. Why did we wait so long to shoot it?






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