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POTD: The Boneyard

Deer caracas boneyard
Deer caracas boneyard

Just a quick picture of the day. Freeze is a very accomplished hunter. So much so, he processes his own deer every season. As a result, unless a trophy buck comes by his stand he usually shoots does. For the meat. Now don’t get me wrong, he will shoot bucks but his main priority is meat.

So every year, there are parts left over from the hunting season. There are only so many skulls and hooves and bones you can use. So…he has a boneyard. It’s a small corner on his property where the leftovers go. Think of it as a kick-back to Mother Nature.

And besides…calling in coyotes to a rotting meat pile is a good way to keep that population under control as well. He just tells the hippies it’s the circle of life.




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