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Pro-Tip: Setting Eye-Relief on a Rifle Scope

Rifle Eye-Relief on K31

Everyone has to start somewhere. And if you didn’t grow up “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”, this concept may be new to some of you. Especially the hunters who are used to shooting fixed or lower-powered optics.

Freeze Setting K31 Eye-Relief
K31 Eye-Relief

When figuring out how far to set the scope from your eye, it is best to turn the power to max while doing so. The eye-box is much less forgiving at higher magnification. And parallax and “shadowing” is magnified. It is also important to note that what works for one shooter could be VERY different for the next.


A 20 year old with perfect vision and a 60 year old with coke-bottle think glasses will probably NOT share the same eye-relief optically. So if your eye relief is not properly set for you, invariably the shooter ends up “crawling” up on the stock. Which can lead to unnecessary fatigue and disruption of your natural point of aim. Which leads to misses on target.


Hope this little tip helps.




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