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Radian Safety & MFT Stock

Radian Safety & MFT Stock.

I have decided to go full-bore with changing the truck-gun from a SCAR-16 to the, “Officer Mike Rifle”. So on his advice, I switched to a MFT lightweight stock and a Radian safety selector. 

Specifically I switched out the LMT safety for two reasons: First, the factory safety has a terrible drag. Second, I am quite used to the 45 degree selector on the SCAR and would miss it on this gun. 

First impressions stock: The MFT stock is super comfortable. Much more than what I hoped it would be. The check-weld is designed quite well and is very ergonomic. As for the hook on the back? Well…it saves weight. I don’t think it will be a big snag hazard. But if that turns out to not be the case, I might have to “rope off the corner” to switch to something else. 

First impressions safety: It’s a pretty neat design. Installing it wasn’t terrible and even a caveman like me can do it. Which is saying something. The levers are replaceable which seems like black magic to an old guy like me. But what is more impressive is those levers DON’T use screws to hold them in. 

The lack of screws is exciting. Because as a high volume shooter, when I see a screw I see something that is going to back out and fail. Which means loc-tite. But I suspect this system might actually get around that. 

However…the safety show is a major upgrade over the factory LMT setup. But is it as good as the factory SCAR? Not even close. Let me explain. 

Why grey? Black WAS sold out and I like to break it up anyway.

It throws fine to shoot. But where the SCAR selector really pulls head and shoulders beyond this is…if you activate your safety while doing a bolt-lock reload. The SCAR just throws so cleanly, that I miss it. 

Perhaps it’s a mental issue (read user software error) and I just need to train with it? Which is why I will be spending some time today doing that just. Dry. In the armory. I might even video it. 






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