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Rafdal Blaser R8 Barrel Shanks

Rafdal R8 barrel shank
Rafdal R8 barrel blanks - Raw.

So are you in the market for a custom Blaser R8 Barrel? Maybe a faster twist rate than what Blaser offers? Or maybe there is a barrel maker out there you really respect, but they don’t make stuff for Blaser rifles.

Rafdal R8 barrel shank
Blaser R8 barrel shank with barrel installed and coated.

Well…here is a solution for you. A Blaser R8 barrel shank. Or what you might describe as the part of the Blaser barrel that sets into the receiver black and holds the locking recesses. 

All one has to do it screw a “regular” barrel into the shank. There might be a little more to it regarding to headspace and whatnot. But this concept has been around for a long while in regards to Blaser.

Rafdal R8 barrel shank
Rafdal R8 barrel blanks – Raw.

The company that makes these blanks is known as Rafdal out of Norway: 

Website — https://www.rafdal-vapen.no

Blaser Shanks – https://www.rafdal-vapen.no/blaser-29786s.html

I am seeing barrel specs posted for Walther, Lilja, and PacNoor. It also appears they offer some custom barrels and features such as stainless vs carbon, fluting, Cerakote, muzzle devices, etc. 






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