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Range Building – Shipping Containers

Big container. Big Forklift.

So…the new range needs some storage and what better excuse to buy your own shipping container! So…we have been shopping. 

I have learned a few things:

Most containers are 8’6”. 

The Godzilla container. Significant discount. Welded up. Not a bad job.

A High Cube or HC is 9’6”. Which is handy. 

The tops of shipping containers are not very sturdy. 

Yes it will. But not sturdy. I expect 2 grown men would fall through.

So I anticipate building a platform on top of one. 

Most containers are made in China.

Also…sometimes containers get damaged and can be sold at a discount.

I call this one the Godzilla: meaning Godzilla musta ripped a hole in it. 

We pretty much want one that is clean on the inside. 






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