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DR Power Systems PRO MAX-52T Bush Hog
DR Power Systems PRO MAX-52T Bush Hog Honda Rancher 420

Been holding off on this post for a little while. I guess the main reason was I wanted to make sure we didn’t break this machine first. Some of my reservation was a fear it couldn’t handle the work. The rest was the fear I would damage it through inexperience. 

But after hitting the 10 hour mark, I guess it’s time to go on the record.  

What we have here is a DR Power Systems Field and Brush Mower. Model PRO MAX-52T. The 52 stands for 52” wide cutting path. It’s power plant is V-twin 22hp Briggs & Stratton gasoline powered engine. 

Features: Electric start. Hydraulically powered deck for cutting height. And a cabled, control module I can run from the seat of the 4-wheeler. We also can run it off the Polaris General, but the control model is only accessible in the cargo area. This is due to the length of the control cable. 

DR Power Systems PRO MAX-52T Bush Hog
Utility path outside The Pit.

For those who know, I am not usually known as “Farmer Bob” so my opinions on this type of equipment have to be taken with a grain of salt. But so far? So good! The rifle shooting positions are in good shape. The trails servicing impact zones out to 600 yards are in good shape. And the ATV trails in the woods are being maintained adequately. 

DR Power Systems PRO MAX-52T Bush Hog
Size relative to the Honda 4 wheeler.

So why not a tractor you might ask? Well…we already have the ATV and UTV’s that get run almost daily. Where a tractor has the potential to sit for longer periods of time. Which for vehicles is about the worst thing you can do. Additionally…the rifle range itself is so steep everyone was concerned that a tractor would be too easy to flip. 

That concern originated with the local tenant farmers who were taking hay out of our fields. They like the grass and size of the rifle range. But the hills were freaking them out. So…alas….it was bush hog time!







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