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Range Update: Steel Target on T-Post

18" Human Silhouette Steel Target

We had an issue with one of the steel target designs I have selected for the new rifle range. Bottom line, the stand sold by the manufacturer isn’t really permanent enough or hill side friendly. The latter being a very big deal.

3 t-posts installed in Challenge Target Receiver

When choosing our new range, the roll of the land was critical in keeping costs down. A series of naturally occurring, small hill sides and faces act as a default bullet trap. But…one needs to be able to set up steel targets on said hills and not have them fall over. This solution does that.

18″ Human Silhouette Steel Target at 100 yards.

Here is what we did. Short version. We took the 2×4 receiver provided by the company and ran 3 “T-Posts” into it at an angle. As you can see, the bolts stop the posts from going all the way through the receiver. The middle post acts as a spacer, keeping the two main posts in place. Very solid in practice.

The weight of the steel (47 pounds) is spread across 2 posts for sure, and depending on how it lays, possibly three. The posts you see are very common in the farming – cattle community and are found in most big box and farm supply retailers under outdoor fencing.

The one trick is to install the t-posts at an angle, since they won’t fit in the receiver straight away.

Now..I have to reach out to the maker and see if they have more of these 18” wide silhouette targets. We’re cooking now!



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