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Marky & Freeze,

Just wanted to follow-up on the Sten project since you guys sent me that template a few months ago. 

After doing some research, I ended up with some parts for a Mark III Sten from Indianapolis Ordnance; to make a legal semi-auto Sten.

I installed a 16” barrel so I didn’t have to mess with a tax stamp, and then I used some exhaust pipe to cover it in a mock suppressor. This isn’t quite correct because they only made Mark II’s with integral suppressors, not Mark IIIs (my understanding anyway). 

I also drilled and tapped the tube so I can attach a small pic-rail for a red dot. I plan to shoot this at local matches, so I thought that would be a nice addition. I can remove it and go back to irons anytime. 

Finally I coated it with black Wheeler Cerama-Coat. I’m not sure how well it will hold up, I may have been better off with regular spray paint. I can always repaint it as it gets worn though. 

Semi-Auto MK III Sten.

Overall it turned out pretty well, thank you again for the idea/template to get started on this project!

-Chris W.

Great looking build. I like the fake suppressor idea. It definitely looks better than a long barrel sticking out. I’m glad the stencils helped out on your build. You did a fantastic job.



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