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CMMG Replaces 22 Kit

CMMG replacement 22 conversion kit. AR-15.

This is a follow up to a post we made on social media in regards to some issues we were having making a CMMG 22 kit run properly. 

A kit we bought 9 years ago and never used. 

Well…CMMG reached out to us unsolicited and indicated that:

  1. The kit we have is a legacy design and has been dropped for a newer one. 
  2. CMMG warranties their products for life and wished to replace the kit with a new model. 
  3. They were adamant on this last statement: If we know of anyone with a legacy kit that is having issues, they wish to replace the kit at no charge. 

How can you not be impressed by that? Being honest…I don’t know much of anything about CMMG. But I need to start buying more stuff from these folks. 






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