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Remington Model 1875 Single Action 

Remington 1875
Remington 1875

Also known as the “Improved Model Army Revolver” & the “Frontier Army”.  

The 1875 Remington Improved Model Army was Remington’s first cartridge handgun designated to compete with Colt’s 1873 Revolver. Although they did not manage to get a military contract, the New Model or Improved Army did gain a lot of popularity with the public. They were a rugged handgun and  even though a bit heavier than the Colt, held up well under hard use.

Over the 15 year production run approximately 30,000 guns were produced. They offered a blued or nickeled finish with numerous grip options. Walnut, Ivory and Mother of Pearl.   As with most revolvers of the time, a 7.5 inch barrel was standard. But a small amount of 5.5 inch barreled models were produced. 

Remington offered this model in 3 calibers:

44WCF (44-40),

44 Remington,

45 Colt.





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