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Remington Rand M1911

Remington Rand 1911. But I had some questions.

I saw this pistol in my local gunshop a little while ago. And while I am an old 1911 guy from way back in the day, I am not a Colt M1911 collector. So frankly, I don’t know exactly what I am looking at here. Let me explain.

Remington Rand M1911 but I had some questions.

I recognize it as a 1911A1 with the arched mainspring housing and relief cuts behind the trigger. And I see the US Government markings as well.

But…why is it 2-tone? Is it a parts gun? And shouldn’t it be parkerized? Not sure. I know Freeze has an old colt that has well over 98% of it’s original bluing intact. Can’t recall if that was a commercial gun or government contract?

In either case, it’s a neat pistol. And even though I am sure the CMP will charge way too much for their 1911s, people will pay for them.

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