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Rhodesian Shotgun Breakdown

Browning A-5 Combat Shotgun.
Rhodesian A-5 Shotgun takedown.

Per multiple requests, this video is a breakdown and analysis of the Rhodesian A-5 Shotgun we have in The Armory. It’s long. It’s tedious. And probably not of much interest to most viewers. As such, I don’t recommend watching it. 

However…for those of you who seem interested in the gun. And more specifically are inclined to attempt a clone project, hopefully this quenches your thirst. 

We will go over some specific markings on the Rhodesian Shotgun. Hypothesize some questions about this particular example. And finally provide some cursory measurements for the home gamer who wishes to clone this gun. 

As of this writing (February, 2021), I do not know of any clones on the market. But I suspect time will change that. So to the future Rhodesian shotgun fans who might be watching this video many years form now, please try to remember we are doing the best we can, with the information we have currently. 

Should some fact or data discussed here turn out to be in error, I appeal to your future magnanimity. In the early days of 2021, nobody really cares about Rhodesia or Zimbabwe. Most folks probably couldn’t even find it on a map. 

Although perhaps they should. Analysis of the 20th century shows that communist insurgencies have used racial strife quite successfully in asymmetric warfare. And watching the news, it appears the 21st century will be no different. 

So to every person going though life thinking you are safe and comfortable while also treating your fellow citizens with bigotry. Just understand this warning…you are giving ammunition and power for the the rise of the next home-grown Robert Mugabe.

Finally to the very small subset of folks who think the Rhodesian Bush Wars were, “cool”? I promise you, there was nothing “cool” or “civil” about that war. Everyone on both sides ultimately lost. 


And if you don’t see that looking at the current Zimbabwe? Not only are you wrong, you are a Goddamn fool. 

I’ve said my peace. Enjoy the video. 







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