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Bazooka Collection.
Top: RPG-75 trainer (complete) Bottom: RPG-26 “Aglen”

This project that has been on the back burner for over 18 months. With the move into the new facility, we have just been too busy to deal with cosmetic or non-operational issues. 

Bazooka Collection.
Top: Russian SA-7.
Middle: Bulgarian RPG-7.
Bottom: American (via Spain) Super-Bazooka

But finally we found some time to get the rocket / bazooka reference items off the floor and on a wall. 

Bazooka Collection.
Top: American (via Sweden) AT4.
Bottom: American M72 LAW Trainer (complete)

This isn’t everything, but it’s most of the smaller stuff. 

Bazooka Collection.
Top: RPG-75 trainer (complete)
Bottom: RPG-26 “Aglen”

Shown you will see WWII-ish Super-Bazooka technology, Russian RPG’s and LAW clones, American disposable, anti-tank weapons, and probably the most interesting and uncommon item: The Russian equivalent to the American Stinger Anti-Aircraft system. 






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