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RTIC Coffee Mug Final Proof

RTIC John1911.com Travel Mugs. Coffee Mugs.
RTIC John1911.com Travel Mugs. Coffee Mugs.

OK. After counting up the feedback we received about the John1911 coffee mugs, this is what was decided. 

  • Make: RTIC
  • Size: 20oz
  • Color: Navy.
  • Model: Travel Mug (Handle)
  • Logo: Traditional John1911 Logo.

They won’t be in for a few weeks. Once that happens, we will put them up for sale on our store. john1911armory.com

Yup. You read that right. john1911.com is our home base, but the online store will be a separate URL. We are doing this for two reasons. 

First: The last store we ran (Tacticaltshirts.com) got to be so huge and successful it would literally swamp the rest of the web server. This limited my ability to communicate with customers and readers. Particularly if I needed to take the store offline or we were experiencing outages or technical difficulties. In short, store goes down, john1911.com is still up. 

Second: By breaking up the store from the John1911 main website, it is much easier for us to navigate various social media companies’ terms of service. Particularly related to restrictions or opinions about the things we might choose to sell. If you look at some of the most prominent U.S. based gun companies, they use the same tactic. 

Read into that what you will. 





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