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Rumor that EF88 / F90 Coming to US Market

Military Issue F90

There is a rumor circulating out of the 2016 NRA meeting that Lithgow Arms, the maker of the latest version of the famous Steyr AUG rifle will be bringing them into the US.

F90 Seen at NRA Show 2016
F90 Seen at NRA Show 2016

Overseas, these are known as the EF88 / F90 and are the current service rifle for the Australian military. They use the traditional Steyr AUG magazine, which I personally prefer. But Steyr sells a NATO (AR magazine) version of the AUG in the US. It will be interesting to see if Lithgow does the same for for the F90?

The rumor is the F90 is considered a significant upgrade ergonomically from the original Steyr AUG. Which is one of the weaknesses of the AUG since it’s a design basically from the late 1960’s early 1970’s. One of the benefits of the AUG design is overall length. In many ways just as short as a registered SBR but with a 16″ barrel.


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