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SACS 1911 Takedown Pics

SACS 1911 Takedown Overview.
Colt frame done by Springfield Custom Shop.

These images are more “for the record” than anything else. Here are the take-down pics of the “used” SACS 40S&W 1911 we purchased. 

The images confirm what we had surmised. While the gun was used, it really wasn’t. Sure it had “been fired”, but look at the condition of the slide-stop, inside of the dust cover, and the frame rails. 

Especially pay attention to the magazine well. Does this look like something that was reloaded on a timer? Or driven once a month, on Sunday, by grandma, going to church? I say the latter. 

Now..I have the condition documented because once we start to run this gun, it will NEVER look like this again. 







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