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Sara Brady Has Passed And Why We Shouldn’t Gloat.


Sara Brady has passed on. My feelings are probably not so much in line with the general glee I am seeing in my industry. She took her husband’s grievous injury and turned that into an attack that caused many people of my generation a lot of pain and suffering.

But I remember the day President Reagan, Jim Brady, the Secret Service agent and the officer were shot. That was a very bad day. The kids don’t know this but we all girded our loins getting ready for more “5th column” attacks or the Russians to declare war. In the hours after that incident, it was much like 9-11. What’s next?!?



And then it started to come out the shooter was a love-sick psycho and everyone started to breathe a little easier. And when word got out about what Reagan said as he was in the ER and eventually walked to that hospital window like The Pope. The real legend of Ronald Reagan was born.

We all moved on. Reagan did two terms. The economy recovered. America regained it’s military might. The Russians wanted to deal.¬†But Sara Brady was left behind with a physically destroyed husband. It was sad then. It’s sad now. I get it. I understand. I hope she passed peacefully.

But she was wrong. She wasted her life. Tried to weaken America and destroy our individual rights out of personal vengeance. And that’s really sad.

Sara Brady Handgun Control Inc.

Imagine what the US would be like today if she put all that energy into rebuilding our mental health system? Imagine if she was an advocate for taking care of, and right-tracking obviously disturbed people walking among us? Would John Lennon be alive? Would the Sandy Hook Shooting have been adverted? How about the movie theater shooting in Colorado? Or even the Columbine massacre? Maybe Gabby Giffords would just be another democrat in Congress today?

I’m sad today.




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