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Shootingsight.com SCAR Trigger

These are pictures from a friend’s SCAR 17. He uses this rifle for precision shooting. A couple of years ago he was looking for a trigger upgrade and was shocked by some of the prices. Eventually he found the “Scar Adjustable 2-Stage Trigger” by Shootingsight.com


He’s been running it ever since and has had zero, zip, nada, zilch issues with it. And to make it clear, he shoots quite a bit too. Former Camp Perry shooter. It’s a 2 stage configuration that is user adjustable. Gunsmith installation is recommended. It retails for $250. It also works for both the SCAR 16 & 17 models. As a rule, tacticaltshirts.com is not a gear-review website. If we don’t write about it, we either aren’t interested in it or can’t afford it. So…when this first showed up in our circles, I took a wait and see attitude. Well it’s been a couple of years and this thing has proven it’s reliability.


So if you are a SCAR guy, you know how expensive things can be. It’s good to see aftermarket support for the platform. Feel free to check this trigger out. The manufacturer is  a competitive shooter who is also a (PE) professional engineer. That may not be of concern to the civilian reader, but anyone who wishes to upgrade a work gun will need more than “Bubba Says So” to get it approved by the lawyers. This one will pass muster easily.




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