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SCAR-17 Gets a Bad Rap and other Cliches

SCAR-17 on the 600 yard line and having ZERO problems making it happen.

Perusing some of the bigger precision rifle shooting forums and you will detect a common thread among a wide variety of shooters: The SCAR-17 doesn’t rate. That is probably true and at the same time, wildly incorrect. Let me explain.

SCAR-17 with it’s original optic. I personally know this rifle setup has WAY more than 1500 rounds under it.

Major life rule: Always know your audience.

Who says the SCAR-17 is a joke as a precision rifle? A guy who is shooting routinely out to 1500 yards? Well…no kidding. The SCAR is a 308. Given a choice and all things being equal, who chooses a 308 rifle to live past 1000 yards? Not saying you CAN’T do it. You obviously can! But there are better calibers for that. But do they get 10,000 rounds of barrel life? Oh? That’s right, “On the internet, nobody can hear your barrel scream it’s last breath.”

What 600 yards looks like.

Major life rule: Always know yourself.

If you aren’t living and dying out past a grand, and want the SCAR rifle because you think it’s cool, get the damn rifle! I know some of the cool kid Navy SEAL types run them down all kinds off ways on the internet. But let’s be real. You’re not a Navy SEAL now are you? You’re more like a, “MAYBE SEAL”.

Buy whatever gun floats your boat and master zero to 600 yards. Trust you me, that ain’t no joke. You dominate between zero and 6, perhaps you’ll get a chance to drop the, “MAYBE” from your dreams. But I digress.

SCAR-17 on the 600 yard line and having ZERO problems making it happen.

Let’s get back to the SCAR-17. I know a few folks who run them professionally. They routinely shoot 1 MOA or better. And with hand loads, always seem to come in WAY under 1 MOA. Note: Way under doesn’t mean 1/4 MOA. If it did, I would have said so. Don’t get it twisted.

I personally know a handful of US based snipers who actually use them on callouts as a primary precision rifle. Why? Here is what they tell me: Light weight. Compactness because of Folding stock. Suppressor friendly. Accurate enough for government work. Simple design that is easy to maintain.

Yes. This SCAR-17 is shooting groups on paper at 600. Hence the spotting scope.

Here is what they DON’T Tell me: They have broken a stock latch. They have broken a lower. They have broken the plate between the carrier and stock. They have broken optics on one.

Not one. Not ever.

And here it comes, “But…but…the full-auto SCAR…”. Stop right there. Are you a Navy SEAL or a MAYBE SEAL? While all you MAYBE SEALS are debating chicken-egg stuff on the gun forums, this VERY rifle pictured was slamming a 12” plate at 760 yards just last week.

“The only easy day”, is the one where you make excuses. For too many of you folks, that’s everyday.


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