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Schmidt-Rubin 7.5 Swiss At the Range

Schmidt-Rubin in 7.5 Swiss benched for accuracy testing.


We ran across a guy shooting a Schmidt-Rubin the other day. Very nice rifle. Since we were also running a straight-pull rifle (Blaser R8), it was kind of a neat coincidence. The caliber was 7.5 Swiss in a military loading. The brand was called GP 11.  The really interesting information about the GP 11 loading is it’s popularity with match shooters in Europe. It seems…and I stress seems…that competition shooters choose to run the military loading as opposed to hand-loading.


Click Here to link to some technical data on the 7.5 Swiss round. 


But what does that have to with the price of tea in Europe? Or ammo in The US? Yes….the cost. At the time of this writing, I am seeing 480 round cans of 7.5×55 Swiss for $275. In this time of high ammo costs, that reads like a very good price for match ammo. Maybe one day I will have a modern rifle in 7.5 Swiss.




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