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Blaser R8 Scope Ring and Base Test.
Blaser R8 Scope Ring and Base Test.

Working with some accessories. Can’t really go into it too much right now, but it involves this base and scope rings combo. 

The control items are:

  • Make: Blaser.
  • Model: R8.
  • Chassis: GRS Ragnarok.
  • Caliber: 7.5×55 / 7.5 Swiss / GP11
  • Barrel: J. Sip & Sons
  • Range: 100 yards. 
  • Angle: Zero.
  • Wind: Zero. 

It’s a “3-shot liar’s group”, but I wasn’t shooting for groups. Data was collected. But for those interested, the group size was 0.54MOA without even trying. 

The J. Sip & Sons really make VERY VERY nice barrels. If I tried to shoot this for groups, I bet I could get this under 1/2 MOA easily. 

More to come. 






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