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Secure-It Rack Install Update

POTD - Secure-It Rack Install Update
POTD - Secure-It Rack Install Update

So…the new rack system is coming along. It hasn’t been all sweetness and light (logistic issues). But overall this is a very solid system. And high-density. Which was the most important factor when managing our reference collection. 

If you are looking for a quality weapons rack solution for your vault room or armory? It is my opinion this is best in class. But be forewarned. This stuff is very, very expensive. And that ain’t no joke. 

Secure-It Gun Storage doesn’t know us from Adam. This isn’t a paid endorsement. We didn’t get any kickbacks or price breaks. And can’t offer the reader any discount codes to buy. 

But…after looking at the product in hand, we suspect going forward one can drop the price by about 30%. This is by purchasing standard louvered wall panels on the open market. Then just use Secure-It’s custom hardware to finish it out. 

More on that later as it develops. 







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