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Seeding the Range

Loaded up with K31 Seed.

It’s not glamorous, sexy or fun. But we need to clean up all the dozer damage. So seeding is on order for 2019. The main rifle range: 900 yards. The pistol pit berm inside and out. Driveway around the CONEX. And all the trails cut in the woods – About 2000 yards long, 12 feet wide. Also all the area around the main shooting position. 

These pics are over a 2 week period. The local farmers were saying if we could get a bunch of seed down before a snow, the weight and then melt would push the seed into the dirt. Thus helping it “take”. Luckily we had 3 drops of snow. 

As of right now, we have 90% of the rifle range seeded. And about 20% of the trails. 






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