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Semi-Auto M-60 “Machine Gun”

M-60 has a distinctive look.

Freeze got me started on looking at these a few years ago. He makes the argument that these semi-auto, belt-feds, conversions are fun, collectable and desirable.

I never really paid them much mind until the past year. So while on a recent work trip, I spied this M-60 semi-auto conversion and figured I would take a look. The maker’s tag says, “AM Arms” and the model is, “Delta”.

Not sure why, but I seem to recall the seller indicating it was, “an older conversion” done back in the day. And then I saw the price tag. $15,000.00! Maybe that’s a good price? But I suspect it’s really just a show piece and they put a stupid high price since it’s not really for sale.

I have seen 1919 308 conversions swing between $2500 on the secondary market to just around $4000 retail. Is the M-60 really that much more expensive? I have my doubts.

But since most weapons we have in the reference collection are either impulse buys or smoking deals, we’ll just have to wait a little longer for a this iteration of 60 to find a home with us. Special note, 15g’s gets you respectably deep into real NFA territory these days.

But it’s all creeping higher. Maybe one day I’ll think back and regret walking past? But just like our readers, you have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. And know when to walk away…


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