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Setting Up Slide-Lock Reload Drills

HK VP9 5 empty mags. You really only need 2.

I have two ways I generally setup reloading drills on pistols. My preferred way is to put a single round on one magazine and 2 rounds in another. The 2 rounder goes into my mag pouch, and he single goes into the pistol and then is chambered.

2 rounds. 1 round method.
2 rounds. 1 round method.
  1. Unholster and fire with a aimed hit.
  2. Slide locks, so strip out the mag.
  3. Reload with the 2 round mag from the pouch.
  4. Reconstruct your two handed grip and fire for ONE hit.
  5. Re-holster.

Now your pistol is loaded with one round. Pick up the empty magazine and put in 2 rounds. Place that magazine in the pouch and repeat the drill. Successfully reloading the pistol but not getting 2 hits is a failure!

The second way I set up the drill is with one fully loaded magazine and a second magazine with a single round.

Full Magazine / 1 round method.
Full Magazine / 1 round method.
  1. Place single round mag in pistol, chamber and holster.
  2. Place full mag in pouch.
  3. Unholster and fire one shot to slide lock.
  4. Strip out empty and reload with full mag.
  5. Fire one shot for a hit.
  6. Take loaded mag out of pistol and place in pouch.
  7. Holster pistol with one round in chamber.
  8. Pickup empty mag and place in pistol. You can leave pistol holstered if you wish.

This second way I typically only use if I happen to have a full magazine on hand. The reason being I am not going to empty a full magazine just to load it with 2 rounds at a time. That’s silly.

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