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ShockStop System For Smith & Wesson J-Frame Lasergrips

S&W Shockstop Laser Grip

My first concealed carry gun was a Smith & Wesson Model 640-1. That little 5-shot J-Frame in .357 Mag. was a dream to carry and really, really accurate, but it was a bitch to shoot. Let’s face it, snub-nose .357s kick hard and they’re tough to aim because of the short sight radius.

When Crimson Trace came along a few years later with a laser grip for the snubbie, any problems I had shooting it were instantly solved. It was softer than the factory grip, and I positively loved that I could put my shots on the laser’s dot, and turn the laser on just by squeezing the grip a little tighter. Plus, I still had the iron sights available.

At SHOT this year Crimson Trace showed its latest grip for J-Frames–the new ShockStop System. Like the early model laser grip I had, it incorporates a fully adjustable laser, but the grip is now made from a soft, anti-vibration material with a heel pocket to help further reduce felt recoil. If you have a snappy snubbie or just have a hard time aligning the sights, this is THE product to invest in.


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