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Shooting Bench Construction

Rifle Range Shooting Bench
Shooting bench complete.

Shooting Bench Construction

Ok. We have lived with the pallet based benches for long enough. Before the snow hits, I have decided it’s time to start upgrading benches and barricades on property. 

Included here are some outtake pics of me building the bench. Solo. You can do this yourself. 


The only two things to watch out for in the plans are: 

1. Use common sense when putting the frame together. Two pieces of wood cut to same length, but one being much thicker? Choose the thicker one. 

2. The top deck, the area where the wood transitions from wide to narrow; you probably will need to cut that piece by hand. Fit that piece width wise then insert into decking. Mark the shape with a pencil on the underside, remove deck piece, then cut excess away. Reinstall piece. 

Attached to this post will be the plan. It appears they are quite common on the internet. We personally received these from the “Ice Station Zebra” Police Range, as it is what they used. 

shooting-bench-plans PDF

Good enough for them? Good enough for us. Good enough for you. 







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