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Shooting The SIG Cross

Shooting the SIG Cross Rifle
Shooting the SIG Cross Rifle

Not a whole lot to say about this rifle. It is light. The trigger is exceptional. And the FDE camouflage looks cool. 

The only thing I can nit-pick about is the SIG manufactured scope. In my not so humble opinion, it has some significant short comings. 

The reticle is too thick and some of the adjustment knobs are goofy tight. But all in all it’s a nice hunting rifle that can easily be pressed into a precision rifle role inside 600 yards. 

Get much beyond that and the reticle is going to get in the way of  the shooter. Which is, if you think about it, the LAST thing a reticle should do. 

Cool rifle. Meh from me on the scope. Save your money there and put it towards something more European in flavor: S&B, Zeiss, Hensoldt, Swarovski, etc. 






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