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SHS 14: STI Trojan 9mm

Second Hand Showcase 14: STI Trojan 9mm 1911

On this episode of the 1911 I found something that I don’t normally see. A used race-gun that isn’t shot half-to-death. 

It’s a single stack 1911 in 9mm, made by STI out of Texas. It seems very, very well made and hand assembled. Particularly the slide to frame fit. It’s so smooth, I liken it to gliding on greased whale dung. 


  • 1911 action.
  • 9mm.
  • Hard Chromed.
  • Dawson Precision Mag-well.
  • 2 10-round mags.
  • Dawson alloy bumper pads.
  • Fiber-optic front sight.
  • Bomar-style adjustable rear sight.


In short, this is a lot of gun if you’re inclined to compete. 






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