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SHS-27: Excell Shotgun (Benelli clone)

Turkish Excel Shotgun. Benelli Clone.

So what we have here is very interesting shotgun. Especially for the price. In essence it is a clone of a very expensive Benelli semi automatic, tactical shotgun. 

“So what?”, you ask. 

Here’s the kicker. It’s significantly cheaper than a Benelli. As in a fraction of the price. Literally a fraction. Have your interest yet?

The specs:

  • 12 gauge, 
  • semi auto, 
  • synthetic furniture, 
  • crossbolt safety, 
  • five round capacity,
  • bead front sight, 
  • removable chokes. 

Is it as good as a Benelli? Is it as reliable as a Benelli? Does it have the same build quality as a Benelli? I don’t know. But for the price, it’s very tempting to find out.


If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, click here:







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